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Tanya Trinidad
Tanya Trinidad is currently a sophomore at East high school. This is her first year in journalism, and she hopes to speak out and give light to important social issues. She loves to paint, write poetry, take pictures, and read. Her favorite book currently is “The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur. She's currently reading “Planting Gardens in Graves” by R.H. Sin. She joined journalism because she feels that it's important to speak out about issues our society doesn't want to give light to.  She was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, her whole life. She hopes to travel around the world and get to see and explore different cultures. Her parents are originally from Mexico and came here to provide a future for their children. She admires her mom because she is a hardworking, honest, and humble woman who never gives up, and is very supportive. Tanya has three sisters, and loves her family. She enjoys spending time with them.

Tanya dreams of attending the University of Utah to major in political science and eventually become a lawyer to fight for human rights. She wants to give a voice to those who feel like they can’t speak up, and fight for justice for those who don't get justice., Sshe wants to travel around the world and help people world wide and reinforce hHuman rights for everyone. She’s currently in Mestizo arts and activism, a program that helps young people know their rights and help their community through art and activism. She encourages people to speak out and say something this is why she joined journalism. The content area she will write about is opinion because she wants to talk about social construct issues. She’s proud to call herself a hardworking Llatina from Glendale.

Tanya Trinidad, Opinion Writer

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Tanya Trinidad