The Leopard

Sofia Marcela is a sarcastic optimist who loves poetry and hates when people don’t use their turn signal. She’s bilingual and although raised in several places, spent most of her childhood in Georgia with her Puerto Rican mother. She grew up with a sister and brother who would occasionally gang up on her despite her being the oldest, but she nevertheless loves them more than anything. 

Sofia thrives outside and although she despises humidity, she loves the rainforests of San Juan. She also is infatuated with the Californian coast, red rocks of Southern Utah, and the greenery of Georgia’s mountains. She has now lived in Salt Lake for two years with her mountain man of a dad, Eric. With her free time, she hikes and works on finishing the never ending project that is her yoga teacher training certification. She also enjoys movies and as far as music is concerned, Sofia takes in a variety (but mostly Russ). 

She loves her friends and plants, although is a terrible plant mom after letting Calvin (named by handsome boyfriend, Antonio) die too young . Her current favorite baby name is Bellamy despite everyone saying it’s ugly. She loves thinking of baby names, but is neither pregnant nor plans to be. She loves artistic expression and has had just about every hair color possible--yes, unfortunately, even green. Her favorite art account on instagram is @postwook, but her favorite artist is @antonio.slc who can draw anything and everything. More than all this, however, Sofia loves to write. Obviously. This bio is way too long.

Sofia Cannon, Health & Relationships Editor

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Sofia Cannon