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Meya Smith
Meya Smith is entering her senior year as Co-Editor-In-Chief, along with Mason Thomas.

Throughout Meya’s years in journalism, she has been Editor-in-Chief for two years. She is excited for journalism and all of the changes the staff is making to the website. Meya plans to pursue a career in education-- more specifically as a high school English teacher. She is inspired by the many wonderful teachers here at East High. A poem that helps to show how Meya plans to be as a teacher is “Teacher” from All Def Poetry. She wants to also minor in business.  Meya wants to go on to Westminster College after her high school career. She feels the school is an excellent liberal arts school. Although it is small, that is one of the many things she appreciates about it.


Meya is the youngest of three kids. She has two brothers named Roman and Brian. She is the only girl. Meya has two pets, one cat and one dog. Her cat’s name is Senior Snickers and her dog’s name is Dallas. Her dog is named after the NFL team, Dallas Cowboys.


Meya was named after her great grandmother, Fumie. Meya is Japanese and Salvadoran. She was born in Salt Lake City and has never lived in any other state. Meya has visited New York City, Pennsylvania, California, and Idaho. Her favorite place she has visited is California. While she was there, she went to Dinsey Land and Six Flags.

Meya has been working since she was fourteen. She has been working at Cafe Zupas for a year and a half and is now excited to begin working at a call center. She has worked at Fear Factory, Subway, Paradise Bakery, and Cafe Zupas.


Meya’s favorite book that she has read recently is Here Lies Daniel Tate. She read the book over summer break. It tells the story of a con-artist who claims to be a boy who went missing when he was six years old.


Meya Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Meya Smith