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Mason Thomas
Mason Thomas was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on August 10th 2001. He lived there with his two older brothers Marshall and Mitchell, along with his mom and dad. Masons family moved to salt lake city in the summer of 2009 and started school at bonneville elementary in 2nd grade. After a couple years he then moved again but this time across the street. Throughout elementary and Middle school Mason was very interested in all sports especially football and basketball. He played on a lot sport teams with his friends throughout those years. When it comes to professional football he is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and is always there to watch them play. His favorite college football team is the Miami Hurricanes. For Professional basketball Masons favorite team is the Miami Heat also he is a big fan of the Utah Jazz. All around he loves sports. freshman year Mason played basketball for East but sadly it was his only year playing for them. One of Masons favorite subjects in school  has been journalism because he loves writing. He has been the sports head editor for the past three years and has learned many things throughout the process of it. This year he has been proposed to be the co-editor in chief, which is where you fully manage the East High (student run) Newspaper. He also enjoys the subject math while in school. He is now a senior at East High School and he is wanting to play for their tennis team this spring. He plans on graduating high school in june. After high school Mason wants to go on an LDS mission for two years, hopefully out of the country. After his mission he plans on going to the business school at Utah State University. Mason is very interested in Business, one of his main goals is to be a CEO of a company.

Mason Thomas, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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