The Leopard

Lauren Shields was born in Salt Lake city in 2002 and today is a senior at East High School.

She has lived in Salt Lake for 17 years (all her life). She enjoys playing tennis with the East High

Womens Tennis Team, and was captain of the 2019 season. She loves everything outside

especially skiing and hiking. During the 2019 ski season she was a ski instructor for young kids

at Park City Mountain Resort. Other than tennis, hiking, and skiing Lauren loves spending time

with her awesome friends. She also likes to listen to music. Specifically music from the

seventies and eighties, her favorites are Journey, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac and Queen. In

addition she loves all things fashion, whether its cutting out pictures from that month's Vogue

edition and taping them to her walls or designing outfits, embroidering and cutting pieces Her

mother, Elle, lives in Salt Lake and therefore Lauren primarily spends her time there. However,

she also lives in Park City at her dad's house for a couple of days during the week. Lauren has

two sisters and four step brothers, along with two dogs and two cats. Although Lauren has lived

in Utah all her life she would love to go to college out of state and experience a new place and

gain independence. Her dream is to attend either the University of Michigan, Oregon,

Washington or Boulder, Colorado. She is torn between multiple career paths and is eager to

discover where her passions lie. She loves to write and therefore loves journalism and the

opportunity to become a better writer and have her work published in East High’s newspaper.

Lauren Shields, Writer

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Lauren Shields