The Leopard

Kayla Lien
Kayla Lien is a senior at East High School. She enjoys writing but hates writing bios and would

rather die than do this. It doesn’t get any easier, no matter how many years she’s had to do this.

Kayla likes intensely reenacting musicals while doing chores and listening to K-Pop. Currently,

find her buried under the weight of existence and an 80-pound German Shepherd. She has

been involved in journalism throughout the entirety of her high school career, and is very excited

to be the Editor-in-Chief for her last year at East. Kayla is also involved in student government,

so it’s safe to say she spends more time at school than at home. Her dream is to live in the

forest and go completely off-the-grid, eating the food local children bring as offerings. That

would be a nice life, wouldn’t it? A cat, tons of candles, jars full of somewhat-suspicious liquids

and a place to sacrifice men who mistakenly wander onto my land? Sign me up! Kayla likes

memes and recreating vines with her brothers. Speaking of siblings, she is the middle child of

two boys who sometimes are nice and sometimes threaten to throw them down the stairs. Both

of them are taller than Kayla, to her dismay. Regardless, she loves messing with them, and

singing as loud as possible just to annoy them. Kayla is scared of being an adult but doesn’t

want to be in high school forever so the only option is becoming a hobgoblin and living in a

stranger’s attic. If her mother asks, though, she’s ready to have a life of her own.

Kayla Lien, Editor-In-Chief

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Kayla Lien