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Daffodil Buchert
Welcome. You’re here to read about Daffodil. Let’s make this quick.

Daffodil Buchert is a Sophomore who avoids talking about herself, opting to talk about her more

interesting friends and family, so writing a bio

all about her

is a little spooky.

Daffodil loves music, and her favorite artist is Jon Bellion. She also loves going to concerts,

especially when you can be in the very front, and enjoys dramatically acting out music videos,

which is why she joined East Theater last year, where she participated in Changing Minds, Take

5 (which performed a play she wrote), and Newsies. She looks forward to participating in all the

plays again this year.

Daffodil has tried to do a bunch of different things, but so far, writing is one of the only things

she isn’t terrible at. She comes from a family of writers and deep thinkers, so she thinks

journalism will help her fit in with her family of 2 parents and 3 siblings, who she loves to hang

out with. The activity of choice in her family is doing the New York Times crosswords, with fierce

competition against themselves to get their best time yet.

Daffodil is having a really hard time to think of what else to tell about herself. Oh yeah.

Daffodil enjoys watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks & Rec, and Saturday Night Live. She’d love

to host SNL someday, but doesn’t think that will ever happen. However, she reflects that it do be

like that sometimes, and goes on with her day.

Daffodil is passionate about world issues like climate change, gun control, and women’s rights.

She really wants to help these issues be resolved, and is considering advocating for these

issues as a future profession.

Daffodil thinks this is the most she has ever talked about herself, and is super nervous about it

so she’ll be going now. Bye.

Daffodil Buchert, Writer

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Daffodil Buchert