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Breanna Moore
Breanna Moore is a 16 year old junior and hopes to graduate early at the end of this year. She has been attending East for 3 years, Breanna has a passion for history and hopes to got to college for history and that is why she took journalism so she can further her skills! Who knows, maybe she will be a teacher one day! Some of her hobbies are painting, taking care of her dogs, volunteering at an old folks home and reading. She is currently reading Patch Adams biography/ memoir on modern western medicine. Breanna is the middle child of five siblings and already has 3 nephews and one niece.  She has lived in Utah for her entire life but in the future hopes to move to Seattle Washington. Breanna also likes photography and has taken two years at East. She loves the environment and her community. During the summer she walks, bikes and skates the Jordan trails cleaning up trash to sort and recycle it. During the winter she has been finding warm clothes, blankets, food and other necessities to give to the homeless communities. She is also passionate and advocates for children in need or in poverty because she knows what it's like to be in that position. Breanna is vegetarian and one day hopes to go vegan as well. She is afraid of disappointing the people that she cares about and wants to make everyone close to her proud by bettering herself and bettering what she has done for people.

Breanna Moore, Writer

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Breanna Moore