The Leopard

Vasilii Zhorin, Writer

Someone said “some of us born humans, and some of us take long to become them”. Vasilii
Zhorin certainly not a human, he is worse than that, he is just a cog in this machine called life.
Right now he is nothing, he did nothing good, he did nothing at all to become a human. So, is he
that bad? Yes. But he might accomplish something in the future, he has two more years in high
school to become something great.
Vasilii’s plan is to try everything in life. Literary anything that exist in life (except of
drugs, they’re boring as heck). Maybe because of this he has no prejudice about any music
whatsoever. His music tastes vary from “My Chemical Romance” to P. I. Chaykovsky. He
watches movie of any genre... You get the idea.
Speaking of ideas. One of the most interesting one he has is ‘everyone's life is matter.
Freedom to all people. Peace among everyone in the world.’, at least he tells about these ideas
when people ask him. He also believes that the family is the most important thing in peoples’
lives, and If family is screwed up, then the person in the family becomes screwed up.
For right now Vasilii wants to become a writer, or a journalist If he will fail to be a writer.
And right now (at this exact moment when he is writing his own biography) Vasilii works on a
short story about a girl called Dove and her imaginary world she runs in to escape cruel and
grotesque reality.
The reason Vasilii chose journalism is simple, this subject is a writing too, so It might
help him to gain some experience finding information and writing It.
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Vasilii Zhorin