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Sariah Williams, News Writer

Sariah Williams is a sophomore at East High School. She is 15 years old born on January 2, 2003.
Sariah enjoys music, zombies, hanging out with friends and horror movies. She likes to go on walks with
her brother, she also likes to spend time with her little brother and her mom. She’s Native American,
half Navajo and half Blackfoot which is in Canada. Her family includes her parents and 2 brothers one
older brother who is a junior at East High, and a younger brother who is a freshman at East. Sariah’s
favorite class is Techniques for Tough Times (TTT). She also plays the violin, she was in the orchestra in
middle school, and in 9 th grade. If Sariah could travel anywhere in the world it would be the Bahamas or
Australia because of the beautiful scenery there. When she grows up she would like to do some work in
technology and robotics. Sariah likes animals and would like to own a cat or dog when she is older. Her
favorite book genre is horror and mystery, but her favorite book is Wonder. Her favorite memory was
her first concert which was Fall Out Boy back in the beginning of October, she enjoys this because she
went with two people she really enjoys being around and it was her first time going to a concert. She
enjoys embracing her culture, which consists of going to Powwows which are big events of different
tribes coming together and dancing. She likes to write because she’s better at expressing herself
through writing than she is at expressing herself verbally. In the future she would like to accomplish
graduating high school and college, getting a good job and not having to worry about money. Sariah
would like to be a news writer, or trying an arts and entertainment.

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