The Leopard

Ronan Razak, Writer

Ronan was born November 3rd in 2004.  He was born in Utah and has never moved.  Ronan has no siblings.  One of Ronan's most prominent features are his mental illnesses, he struggles with depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, and addiction issues.  He lets this consume his life.  All he has been talking about recently is how near the end he is and that he can feel it this time.  Ronan is also obsessed with Lil Peep.  Ronan believes that once you die you realize that Lil Peep is god and he sings you your very own concert.  Delusions of grandeur is what his mother calls it.  At this point in his life Ronan doesn’t care what happens to him and he wishes that he was dead.  Ronan lives Bipolar.  It is hard for him to be in the right mindset all the time.  If he is being honest he didn't mean any of the things he said in the first half of this about me but is way too lazy to write the whole thing again.  Anyway some fun facts about Ronan are that he loves board games.  Board games are one of his favorite pass times.  He likes to play really complicated ones that involve a lot of strategy, time and commitment.  Ronan also loves animals.  Animals are one of Ronan's favorite things.  Ronan had a cat named Powncer.  Her name might fool you but she was the most precious gentle cat ever.  She was always by Ronan's side and followed him everywhere around the house.  She was Ronan's best friend and she Is on reason why Ronan loves animals so much and wants to go into animal conservation in the future because he thinks all things living deserve a place on this earth.  That is how Ronan operates and that is what he enjoys.

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Ronan Razak