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Petelo Tafisi, Writer

Hi my name is Petelo Tafisi, I am 16 years old and I am a Junior at East High School. He has attended East High school for about 3 years now. He has a family of 8 and plays different sports like football and lacrosse. His highest values that he thinks he has would be accountability, respect, personal growth, freedom, and truth. He comes from a family that believes in respect, being the highest, and also believes in truth. Accountability, and personal growth were inquired in the years after learning the first two. It is because of these things that he is what he is today. Many see him as the guy who is smart but lacks that little drive inside him. That little drive that would make him great. I’m here to tell you that you will get that drive. Over the years in high school He’s noticed some things. You can either sit back, relax, and see time pass by while you don’t learn anything, or you can go to class like what schools designed for and find something you are really passionate about, something you like or love doing. He has finally found what he loves and has buckled down to see himself grow into the final product, which is a guy who wants a college degree.

Many of us have things that are hard, many have failed, but you will never succeed if you have never experienced failure. There are those who think it is hard to try and do not try and then later on in life realizing that it is hard because they had not tried. It is hard for those to try in school but have it hard finding a job in the future. Choose your hard, which one are you gonna be, and to me he feels like he has chosen the right hard, the one where he works hard to succeed. After seeing his personal growth he has seen that as a student he can always grow and learn new things and push himself because there is no limit in knowledge. He comes from a family that tries hard in everything they do and pushes each other to the limits whether it is in academics or in sports. We have all failed but have learned from failure. When he fails in some things he ponders on it and then looks for what he did wrong. He fixes his mistakes and it satisfies him to know that he has succeeded because of learning from failure, because he never gave up.

He has  wanted to do some careers like an architect or interior designer and feels like in a way some of his top values connect with some of the careers he wants to do. So he was thinking maybe he is on the right track. Maybe he can do something, achieve something great in his life. So basically what he is saying is that this will be the start of a new chapter in life, a new chapter that will be fun to start. He wants to make the best of his new chapter and he wants to start off right.

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January 26, 2021
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