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Olirena Tuamoheloa, Writer

Olirena Tuamoheloa is a first-year student at East High School, and this is her first year taking begging journalism. She was born on March 4, 2007, in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the oldest of 7 children, 4 younger sisters and 3 younger brothers. Olirena really loves reading books and playing with family. Olirenas favorite book she has read so far is, To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. She loves to read books based off real-life history. Her favorite thing to do with her family is play kickball and pickleball. Her family is extremely competitive, so the games get very intense, especially if her and her dad are not on the same team. 

Olirena’s nationality is full Tongan. Both her parents and grandparents are full Tongan which makes her and her siblings full. Olirena values her culture very much. She loves how her parents taught her and her siblings some of the basics young and that they are still teaching them to this day. She cannot wait to visit the country of Tonga one day and learn even more.

Olirena loves to play volleyball very much and has been playing since she was 8 years old. At first, Olirena was forced to play by her mother but as soon as she got done with one practice, she instantly fell in love with it. She plays middle blocker and used to play outside. She would love to get a scholarship for volleyball, but she just wants to go to college for schools and not for sports. If she ever wanted to play volleyball in college she would love to play at Nebraska or Stanford University.

Olirena loves her family more then anything in this world. Her siblings are what pushes her to try her best in everything she does and to always set a good example. Her parents are the big reason she is how she is today. Her parents, Sam and Selu Tuamoheloa, are the biggest helpers and supporters. Her family always loves to help her out in anything and knows when she needs it the most. Olirena has always been incredibly grateful for her family and always will be. Family is an important thing to her no matter how annoying hers are. 

If Olirena could be anything she wanted when she grows up, she would be a photojournalist. Olirena loves to write in her journal a lot and she loves creating new stories every day. She sees writing as a way of strengthening her brain and her vocabulary. As for the photo part, she loves taking pictures. She hates being in front of the camera but enjoys being behind the camera. Taking pictures is a hobby for her at this point. Olirena also loves to video a lot of things to remember them \when she gets older. Taking a picture and a video is truly fortunate because no matter how old you get it will always be there to remind you of the fun and easy days. 


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