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Nathaniel Yellowbear, Writer

Hello, my name is Nathaniel Yellowbear, and I am a senior here at East High in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was born on March 14, 2004 and my ethnicity is Native American/Peruvian. My pronouns are he, him, and his and my hobbies consist of art, movies, and music. I have three siblings and my mother who I live with in the same household and my father now is in prison but will not go too far into that discussion. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I just admire how the season looks in the Fall with the red and orange color settings across the city my home is in. I always love dressing up with my brothers and like the feeling of spending time with my family while getting free candy and surprisingly food from strangers. This is going to be my last year at east High school and my one and most important goal before the year ends is to earn enough credits to pass and graduate for my last happy moment at school. This would be a real fulfillment and dream to make not just for my family but myself on being proud of what I have become though out my young years of my life into adult hood. I really haven’t decided what I would work on throughout my life, but I do know that I want to do something that’s social and consist of making a lot of money because I want to make a huge difference with my life that it could be worth something valuable with today’s point of view. Some of my hobbies that I do use to my real advantages in life are what I do to better affect others. For example, my uncle uses some of my art sketches for tattoo designs that he puts on many people that enter his shop. It feels good to have my art shared throughout many people’s bodies, in a way it inspires me to have hope that I could do meaningful things in life which could be positively affect my myself. Every year I go to Riverton, Wyoming just to visit my family and do our yearly sun dance tradition that my ethnic people have been performing for many years which makes me feel good that a long process could be so festive and celebrative towards my people especially my family. My favorite type of food is Chinese food or pizza which I highly do enjoy eating with my family which really gives me a better mood to settle in more. Especially with movies being one of my favorite hobbies, is just another reason which gives me the entertainments I need while going about with my usual days in life. My favorite genre is horror, and I love the film, “It”, which also happens to be fictional character created from my favorite author named Stephen King. This was a fun and exciting paragraph to make about myself which is really comforting for me to share my thoughts with others and hopefully there will be an assignment that is similar to this topic.

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