The Leopard

Nathan Abrams, Writer

His full name is Tredwell Nathan Abrams IV. Nathan is what he goes by as his father shares the same name as him. He was born in Louisiana right after hurricane Katrina on February 14, 2006.  His family and himself migrated to Utah after the Hurricane and have been residing here ever since. He was enrolled at East High School and is in the 9th grade currently.


Nathan enjoys many hobbies and aspires to expand his skills every day. He enjoys 3d modeling, running, and programming. One goal is for him to produce a game with him and his friends. He has one sibling, a sister, and lives with his mother. Things he enjoys would be the wilderness, hiking, and attempting to make music though he plays no instruments.


We all have many aspirations in life and try our best to achieve our goals every day. Nathan wishes to aspire towards his goal and practices towards them most days. These include learning different languages, designing models, and improving his fitness and strength as a person.


   Learning about the world around us is very important to him. He loves reading and studies the complex structures we use and undermine on most days. What I mean is say you need to wash your hand; what do you is turn on the sink. Where does the water come from, how is it cleaned, how is it pumped to your house?


He enjoys writing yet has poor handwriting. He enjoys running, although he has a bad knee. He has many hobbies that he isn't proficient at; we should all accept that no one is perfect at the end of the day, that we all have qualities that we don't like about ourselves.


Although with that said, we shouldn't ever think about ourselves as finished because that leads to failure. By seeing ourselves as a canvas to be drawn on and improved significantly over time and see much more development is occurring in not only our character but our mental and physical capacity and strength.

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Nathan Abrams