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Mishelle Arellano , a senior at East High School who's not only someone new in this school but who's first year of journalism begins now! Born on February 2, 2003 in Mexico but moved to the USA or as others who come to this country may call it , " The Land of Opportunities'' . For 7 years she lived in West Valley City that was until her mom decided to move to Chicago back in 2012. Now she has come back home and resides in Salt Lake City. Speaking truthfully Utah has not been her favorite place to move back to but the memories that have been made here are her personal favorites.  She is the oldest of three siblings . Throughout her 17 years of living she was never the biggest fan of any type of sport although she was forced to join clubs that had to do with soccer , softball and even dance teams. Many of which did not last . Mishelle's hobbies include reading, swimming, driving around the city , hanging out with her family & friends as well as staying in and as weird as it may sound, watch criminal minds or any other serial killer documentaries while drinking her favorite, cranberry juice . She claims to say that her spirit animal , or more specifically an insect , is the butterfly. One of the many reasons for this is because just like butterflies who go through many stages in life to get where they are, Mishelle has done the same . Her music taste is a little bit of everything and can go from "Strawberry Fields Forever'' by The Beatles to "The Way Life Goes by Lil Uzi" . Her patience, optimism, and way of helping others are her hope to become a psychologist or social worker one day.  While becoming the person she wants to be she would also love to travel the entire world and end it off with Italy where she hopes to stay for, for as long as she lives up to and eat her favorite food of all time, pasta. In the meantime she will continue to work hard and be part of the graduating class of 2021 :)  

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