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Joyce Young

Joyce Young, Writer

Joyce Young is a senior at East High School, and this is her first year taking journalism. She is the fourth child out of 6, and has 3 older brothers with a younger sister and a younger brother. She also has a husky named Mana. She was born and raised in Bountiful, UT, and has lived in Utah her whole life. Joyce really loves spending time with her family, especially her younger sister, Lia(Judy), who is also a sophomore at East. She just really loves her family.

Joyce’s ethnic background is Samoan, and just loves to learn more and more about her culture and just to be around her people.

Joyce’s most favorite thing to do is play volleyball. She has been playing for 5 years and is attending college out in California (MSJC) to play volleyball and further her education. Joyce is very excited to be graduating soon and continue on to a new part of her life.

Joyce loves to watch movies and TV shows. She loves going to the movie theater to watch all the new movies or just at home and watching with family. She prefers DC over Marvel, loves comic books, and just binge watching TV shows. Joyce and her older brother (Leie)  love to go hangout and watch movies and just have a great time bonding as siblings.

Joyce really loves to learn about different cultures and people and loves learning languages. She has a background of learning French, Japanese, and Chinese. She just loves learning more about the world and people. She hasn’t travelled as much as she would like, but has been to Japan and just loved it there. She hopes to travel more in the future and go to places all over the world like Korea, China, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Ethiopia, Italy, Samoa and many more places!

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