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John Amone, Writer

John Amone is a freshman at east high. He was born in Reno Nevada on March 2nd, 2007. He moved to Utah in 2010 and never moved after. He started school at Oak Hills Elementary, then went to Millcreek Jr high in Bountiful Utah, and then from there they moved to South Salt Lake, His brothers and Friends encouraged him to come to East High. He is not looking forward to moving out of the 801. But, if he could live anywhere in the world, he said it would be Hawaii or Florida because he likes the warm weather and its close to the beach. He really enjoys watching Disney movies, football and other sports. He has 6 siblings, 2 of them currently attend east high with him the other 2 are still in elementary and Junior, the older 2 work. Johns future is to get a scholarship to any college and play in the big leagues. John has played football his whole life and his commitment to playing is invincible. He doesn’t plan on quitting football any time soon. Playing football got him to be a better person on or off the field. His motivation to keep going at football are his parents, family means a lot to John. In his spare time, he likes to chill or bowl with friends, his longest game of bowling was 13 games and took 5 hours to finish. John is named after his grandpops. Sione Taukivea. The name “Sione” is “John” in America but since he was born in America, he named him “john”, He would’ve been named Sione if he was born in Tonga. His middle name “Snyder” Comes from a man who built LDS Temple. He is an uncle to 2 nephews that drive him nuts every time. He is really tall, he is 6’0 ft and is a freshman. John likes to travel but he doesn’t like it when they drive in a squished car and there is no leg space, so he prefers riding alone or flying. John joined journalism because it was a year of English credits. His parents are his superheroes, He said “I wouldn’t be playing football or be doing what I want to do if it wasn’t for my parents sacrifice”. Johns favorite cousin that graduated from west passed away this year by a drive by shooting, John saw him the day before at his Brothers graduations, he also motivates john to do better and work on his dreams. Johns favorite NFL team is the Minnesota Vikings. #SKOL, GO VIKINGS. But, Johns favorite NFL player is Saquon Barkley. John has that dog mentality he will never fold under pressure and brings the pressure. “Dawg THE #### UP!!” Is what his kicker always said before and after the game. John is a humbled and grateful person. Some random thing John hates is when people cry. John hates crying if he sees you crying he will make fun of you DON’T CRY. THIS IS JOHN AMONE

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