The Leopard

Jameson Ashworth, Writer

Jameson is a part of the class of 2023. Jameson transferred to East before the 2020-2021 school
year, before he attended school at West High, however in the summer between school years, Jameson
decided to transfer. This was after creating a strong bond with his fellow players on the East High
Baseball team. This caused him to make the decision to transfer just a week before registration was set
to start. Since then, Jameson has worked day and night to do his part in bringing a baseball 5A state
championship back to East High. Growing up, Jameson wasn’t your average Utah kid, by 13 years old he
was 6’0, and currently sits at 6’4. Born in the year 2005, in a hospital in Millcreek Utah, Jameson is the
oldest of 2 children in his family. At 7 years old he discovered the thing that would become his whole
world, the thing that his life would revolve completely around, Baseball, you could say that it was love at
first strike. The thrill of a close game, the smell of the leather of the glove, the sound of the ball hitting
the glove just right and the crack of a wooden bat create feelings that cannot be explained or replaced
in him. Every day he brings the same fire and intensity, it doesn’t matter if it’s just hitting of a tee or the
bottom of the 9th with 2 outs down by 3 with the bases loaded, Jameson always puts everything he has
every single time, pushing himself to his limit (and sometimes past them) every day, he has said “The
only reason I won’t show up is if I’m dying or dead, even then, there’s a 90% chance I show up anyways”.
As one can imagine, this comes from a desire to be the best, a dream shared with many people across
the world. Being raised as both a Dodgers and Mariners fan, which is quite the contrast, as throughout
his entire life, the Dodgers have experienced much success and even won a World Series in 2020, while
the Mariners haven’t made the postseason for 20 years. After nearly 10 years of playing the sport,
naturally Jameson has had his ups and downs, afterall, baseball is a game where youre expected to fail
at least 60 percent of the time. “Never believe you can’t, because that’s when someone else will” is
Jameson’s personal saying that he lives by, especially when a situation seems unwinnable. It’s because
of this stubborn and determined nature that Jameson was not only able to pass all his classes last year,
but also earn the upper hand in his lengthy and ongoing battles with depression and anxiety and begin
to realize the potential that coaches have seen in him since he first stepped onto a field. In the end, his
biggest goal is to make the people who believed in him from the very start proud, and to show the
people who didn’t just how wrong they were in the end.

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