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Jacob Vincent

Jacob Vincent, Writer

Jacob Vincent is a 17 year old young man from Juba, South Sudan, but was originally born in
Cairo, Egypt in 2002. Jacob moved to the United States in September 2003. His family came
here to live the life of better opportunities and advanced education. Most importantly, him
growing up here, education has always been so important to his family, and until this day he
values it so much although he has other plans for his life. Outside of school he is a very
committed soccer player. He’s on 9th year of playing, Captain of his club and travel team VK
Cobras. Blessed with the opportunities to play in different states and countries. Growing up he
never liked playing soccer, more of a gaming boy. His life changed in a park neighborhood after
being asked to play with his brother and friends and ever since that day, he fell in love with the
sport. Not only that but at that same park, he got invited to play for his first team and the rest is
history. He believes that it is a blessing and it has given him amazing qualities in life such as
being a fluent spanish speaker, having a brotherhood outside of his family with different ethnic
groups and most importantly, if you want something in your life, you gotta work hard for it. Since
those positive influences have flew into my life, I’ve done some pretty impressive things such
as, 2 Presidents Cup Champion; Mesquite, Nevada (2016,2017), Presidents Cup Regional
Champion; Salt Lake City, Utah (2017), Presidents Cup National Finalist; Auburndale, Florida
(Orlando) (2017), Best 18 Players in Utah (2016-2018) and ODP Championships Champion;
Phoenix, Arizona (2017), State Cup run and Semi-Finalist (2018), Monterrey Rayados Cup
Champion; Houston, Texas (2017), National Team Camp (2017,2018), High School Varsity
(2018-), Las Vegas Mayor’s Cup Champion (2019) and more to come.
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