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Eliza Floisand

Eliza Floisand, Hard News Writer

Eliza Floisand was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 16, 1999. She was an adventurous child who was constantly searching for the treasure chests, princesses, and castles that she had heard about in all her fairy tale books.She began taking gymnastics classes to better prepare her for her fairy tale quests at a very young age.

Due to her love of gymnastics, Eliza continued to learn new skills, and tumbled all the way onto the 2016-2017 U.S. Women's National Tumbling team. She enjoys having the opportunity to travel all around the world to compete for her team.

In her free time, Eliza still loves to sit down and read about dangerous quests, make believe creatures, and places bigger than earth. When she is not caught up in her newest book, she is outside running, hiking, and walking with her family.

Eliza is currently in her senior year at East High School and is so excited to be graduating with the class of 2017. This is her first year in journalism and she is very excited to be writing for the hard news section.

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Eliza Floisand