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Eleanor Jolley, Writer

Soon to be seventeen years old, Eleanor is a junior at East High School, graduating in 2023. Eleanor has lived in Salt Lake City her entire life and is hoping to move after graduating from East to attend college out of state. She is undecided on where she wants to go but is insistent on the idea of leaving Utah. Eleanor has been playing competitive soccer since she was eight years old. As of freshman year, she has also gained a strong interest for running. Now Eleanor is a part of East High’s track and cross-country team, as well as a club track team outside of school. Eleanor does not love long distance running but is excited to improve her 5k time. She is also working on the 400-meter sprint, which is her main event in track and field. She has made many new friends through sports at East, and strongly recommends joining a team or some sort of club. 

Eleanor is passionate about current world problems. She is always trying to advocate for what she thinks is right. Whether that is participating in marches and protests, or speaking up about problems at East, she thinks it is very important to be an active member of her community. This past year, Eleanor has learned a lot from listening to the news. There have been eye opening moments for her during the Global Pandemic and Black Lives Matter movements. During these difficult times, it has made her realize the importance of viewing situations through other perspectives. After high school, Eleanor hopes to study Women’s Rights and or study Sports Medicine. 

Above everything else, Eleanor works hard on making new friends and being nice to everyone. Being in high school, she often finds herself getting caught up in drama, but has noticed that the people you surround yourself with during these four years, can make or break your experience. Eleanor’s friendships are very important to her. 

Eleanor also values her relationships with family members. Eleanor’s younger sister, Katherine, is her best friend. They are three years apart in age and are inseparable. Just like all siblings, they fight, but when on good terms, they always have a great time together. Along with Katherine, she is also very close with both her mom and dad. Being quarantined with her family has brought them closer together. Travel and cultural appreciation have always been very important to the Jolley’s. Before the pandemic, Eleanor had the opportunity to travel to India with her little sister and her dad. They visited Mumbai, New Delhi, Lucknow and Agra.  This made her realize how much she has, and how much there is to be grateful for. 

Eleanor is very excited for this school year and is happy to be a part of East High’s Journalism team. 

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East High Basketball 

East High Basketball 

December 13, 2021
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Eleanor Jolley