The Leopard

Daniel Ruiz Jr., Writer

My name is Daniel Ruiz Jr my dad named me after him.
My life is mostly about school and my friends because I don’t really have time for anything else. My
good traits are that I'm not fake, I help my friends when they need it, I defend my
friends and family, I do what I can to make my friends happy. My bad traits are I forgive to easily, I trust
people to much, I let what I think of myself get to me, I assume things to fast, I let others thoughts about
me get to me.

I like to go to the mall with my friends because we always do something fun when we are there. I like to
ride my bike on trials because I like to look at nature. I like going with my sister up the the view with
Mcdaneld's because it looks cool from the view and you can see all the lights. I like watching scary
moves before bed because I think about it the rest of the night.

I like watching and making TikToks with my friends because I want to grow my account . My favorite
holiday is Halloween because me and my friends always do cool costumes together. I like to watch
Christmas moves strait after Halloween so I get in the Christmas spirit. I like art and drawing things because
I can make whatever I want.

Sometime I struggle with doing things I tell myself I'll do then do it at the last minute or just don’t do it,
that’s why I failed so Manny classes classes last year or had really bad grades. But at the start of this
school year I'm trying to at least get Cs in all my classes because that why I'm not focusing on one class
and the other one fails so I'm only going for a c and I feel like I would be less stressed and just have all
my classes passing for the year.

My favorite color is purple because I like how it looks on me. My favorite food is pizza. I like going on
walks when its dark outside. I really wanted to go to west because I have friends there but I don’t live
close to it so they wont let me go even tho its near the gateway witch I walk to all the time so I decided
to go here because my brother goes here and my does to so I thought I might as well go to a school I
know some people at. I like to dye my hair a lot because I like having colorful hair all the time. I've had
pink, red, blue purple, I want to try green when the rest of my hair dye washes out because its one
haven't done before then after that I'll do yellow.

I have a lot of family members I have 10 siblings 5 on my dads side and 5 on my moms I found out about
two last year it a brother and sister I've only met the sister though so its still new to me.
In conclusion that’s 500 words about me.

All content by Daniel Ruiz Jr.
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Daniel Ruiz Jr.