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Daffodil Buchert

Daffodil Buchert, Editor in Chief

Welcome. You’re here to read about Daffodil. Let’s make this quick. 

Daffodil Buchert is a Senior and disaster at East High this year. Only the Senior status is new to her. 

Though not uncommon before quarantine, this past year has really unleashed her coping mechanism of stress-cooking, and so her friends have been the recipients of many different foods including, but not limited to, kolaches, soup, and homemade pop tarts, which she cried over. She not only enjoys making food, but also eating food. For some reason though, it is so much harder to cook to eat to survive in comparison to cooking to deal with emotions. 

Daffodil loves music, so much so that she doesn’t have a favorite artist. Just be careful around her when she’s listening to her favorite music; it often gets her so hyped up that she can be a menace. Seriously, her air-punching is no joke. Fortunately, her family also loves listening to music, so it is possible to see her listening to music in a more restrained manner, provided that she has at least two other family members there to keep an eye on her. Her family has great taste in music, so she submits to less energetic listening sessions quite cheerfully. 

Daffodil comes from a family of writers and deep thinkers, so she thinks journalism helps her fit in with her 2 parents and 3 siblings, who she loves to hang out with. Their activity of choice together is too loudly debate about mundane topics as if their lives were on the line. Puzzles are also acceptable. She seems to have missed out on the board game-playing gene, but she will sit on the table where her family plays games and provide ~very~ helpful comments to the players. 

Daffodil is having a really hard time thinking of what else to tell you about herself. Oh yeah. 

She enjoys watching movies and tv shows, but only if she gets to loudly talk about and critique them at the same time. Coincidentally, only select people will watch stuff with her. Regardless, she firmly believes that her commentary only enhances the experience. Despite her promising talent as a film critic, Daffodil is not sure what exactly she wants to do when she graduates, but is leaning towards continuing with journalism, or making stress-cooking her full-time job. She has lots of good experience with both. 

This is can no longer be considered quick, so let’s end this bio now. Byeeeeeeee. 

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Daffodil Buchert