The Leopard

Carter Landeros, Writer

On February 12th,2003 in Salt Lake City Utah, Carter Landeros was born. He is 16 years old
and is attending East High for his junior year. He can’t do a lot of sports and that is because he
was diagnosed with epilepsy in December of 2017. He went thru many tests and medications to
try and control the seizures but none of them really helped. He, his family, and his doctors
decided to do brain surgery in June 2019 to stop the seizures. On June 18, 2019 he underwent
the surgery but suffered a stroke during the procedure and had to spend a month in the hospital
and had to undergo extensive therapy and learn how to walk, talk, speak, eat, etc and he uses a
cane to walk he is also getting outpatient therapy to help his left side recover. Although he uses
a cane to get around, he can still do a lot of his favorite things like reading and hanging out with
friends and family.His favorite place in the world is the library because he’s constantly reading
and he also runs a fanpage on Instagram which surrounds his favorite musical girl group Little
Mix. He doesn’t work right now due to the amount of therapies he has to do and because he
can’t use his left hand and arm very well. One day soon, he will hopefully be able to work and
get to be able to use his left arm and hand fully again. I love Journalism because it’s a fun
environment to be in it will has helped me with grammar, spelling, and writing. Also cause the
teacher is fun which makes the class tolerable and cause I want to go to college in the
Journalism field at Utah State.
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