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Ariana Alires, Writer

Ariana was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. ON September 6th, 2003. She has one older brother (Shiloh) and one younger sister (Octavia). She is the middle child of 3.  Ariana is a senior at East high school. Her younger sister is a first-year student at east high school. Ariana likes to listen to music daily. Her favorite artist now is Russ.  Ariana likes to go on hikes. She also likes to go camping. Ariana has a big eye for art. She can draw, she likes to take pictures, did I forget to mention that she is a little perfectionist. Ariana has a big heart and is a very forgiving person. She hates liars. She is very quiet at first but as soon as she becomes comfortable with someone, she is a chatterbox. Ariana moved to Oklahoma the beginning of her 11th grade year and then finished it at east high. Ariana is 5’7, mixed with African-American and Mexican, and German. She had to grow up fast, learn how dangerous the world is growing up, but she made the best out of everything that came her way. Ariana also looks at the world as art, because everything is art. She struggles in math and English, even though it’s her only language. Ariana is 18 years old. She is a Virgo.  Her future job is being a hairstylist, and makeup artist. Her dream is to have everyone all over knows who she is and knows she can do the best hair and make-up. Also, she will be the first on her mediate family to graduate high school.  She will also be the first to go to community college. Ariana’s inspiration is her family because she wants different for her future family. Her favorite colors are red and blue, and grey.  Her favorite style of shoes are fila’s. Ariana is going to be an aunt to a girl. 

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