The Leopard

High School: A Springboard For Your Future

Cate Praggastis

March 11, 2016

Why are you here?   What does it mean to be college and/or career ready?   Do you really need to go to college?   So many questions!  That is why you are here! High school is designed to help you continue the exploration of w...

Hope Squad

Susan McKelvey

January 13, 2016

No one wants to lose a person to suicide.  There is hope and there is help.  This is the message that East High’s Hope Squad is committed to spreading. The bad news is that Utah has the 4th highest youth suicide rate in the country.  The goo...

Musical Memoir

Ms. Folau

October 8, 2015

Music has played many roles in my life. It weaves through childhood memories that are familiar, religious, spiritual, recreational, and academic. I held my Dad’s hand as we walked to church, his hip was just above my eye ...

Troublesome Books

Sarah Herron

October 2, 2015

Celebrate Your Right to Read! Celebrate Banned Book Week! Have you ever read Harry Potter? The poetry of Shel Silverstein? Catcher in the Rye? The Bible or the Koran? If so, you have read a book that has been challenged or ban...



September 9, 2015

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