The Leopard

Hong Kong Conflicts in Familys and Society

Vasilii Zhorin, News Writer

October 11, 2019

  Multiple protests in Hong Kong have transformed into a battleground between demonstrators and police. It even, after many weeks of protest, is still happening, and has affected many families. But no one had more destructive...


Kesha Palmer, Opinion Writer

April 30, 2019

Many individuals share the same goal of getting married and having kids and living happily ever after. While some succeed in completing this goal many of them do not. Approximately fifty percent of American children will witness...

Nurse Abuse

Amber Hawkes, News Writer

March 11, 2019

Nathan Sutherland, a nurse in an  Arizona care facility, was charged with rape after a woman in vegetative state gave birth in December. The term ‘vegetative state’ means when a person appears to be ‘awake’ but the show no...


Cesar Hernandez, News Writer

March 11, 2019

              Salt Lake City’s homeless population has become stagnant, even with all the shelters or operations. With more shelters being built,, more questions arise,, like how will the homeless get th...

What is Gut Health

Sofia Cannon, Arts and entertainment Editor

March 11, 2019

Gut health is a complex, yet, essential subject when talking about health. When it comes down to it, it’s about two major concepts: prebiotics and probiotics. This topic is increasingly being researched in the medical commu...

Azealia Banks and Lana Del Rey

Hannah Grine, News Writer

November 19, 2018

On October 10, 2018, Azealia banks had criticized Lana Del Rey for a comment she had left on Kanye West’s Instagram, condemning West for his pro-Trump views. Kanye had posted a photo of him wearing a MAGA hat. Del Rey had comment...

Migrant Caravan

Migrant Caravan

November 19, 2018

The Student Newspaper of East High School