The Leopard

Sofia is a junior at East High School. She moved to Salt Lake in October last year, and has gone to  East ever since. She has moved about a lot, but loves the Salt Lake City area. She thinks that there are a lot of fun things to do in Salt Lake such as spending mornings at the Farmer’s Market with her friends. One of Sofia’s all-time favorite things to do is to watch movies. Drive-ins are one of her favorite ways to experience movies. She also loves concerts and music. She loves attending music festivals whenever she gets the oppurtunity to. Roadtrips are also one of the activities she thinks is dope. Sofia likes to try new things except when it comes to food. She believes you can’t go wrong with a basic grilled cheese.

Sofia loves to do anything outdoors, especially hiking on new trails and hammocking. She also likes to spend her free time doing yoga with her older sister. Sofia’s favorite times of day are during sunrise and sunset. She enjoys going up to her cabin in Montana during the summer, and spending time at the lake and in West Yellowstone.

Sofia was born on November 26th, 2001 in Ogden, Utah. She has a big family filled with half-siblings, but only lives with her dad. Depending on which parent she’s with, she’s either the youngest or oldest sibling. She has never had a pet, but recently adopted a fish with her friend James to surprise her dad. The fish is a baby, and his name is Jack. She calls him Jay for short. Jack is a very active guy who likes to swim all day long. Jack is a beta fish with bright-blue eyes.

Sofia makes easy money babysitting her two nephews, Cole and Luke. Cole is 4 years old and Luke is around 2. They are super loud and fun to be around. The three of them spend lots of time playing soccer and watching Paw Patrol.

Sofia loves to be happy, and tries to radiate positivity. She likes to be optimistic when thinking about the future and all its possibilities.  

Sofia Cannon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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