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Ruby Bernier
Ruby Bernier is currently a sophomore at East High School and is in her first year of journalism. She is 15 and was born on December 18, 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has lived in Utah her whole life. Ruby enjoys learning and especially likes language arts. She possesses an intense passion for writing and a deep love for animals, particularly dogs. She also loves to travel, and one of her favorite cities that she has visited is Portland, Oregon. Ruby also went to visit her family in England in winter of 2017 and wants to go back as soon as she can. Her mom, Tara, was born in England and lived there until moving to the United States. Ruby would love to move to England to be closer with her family after graduating either high school or college.


In the future, Ruby would like to attend college in either Portland, New York, or an English university. She hopes to work in the film or television industry, but is unsure what specific area within the field she would like to pursue as of now. She believes film and television have a very powerful impact on the world and people in it, and that it can be accurately used to comment on social issues while telling an enjoyable and engaging story. Being a part of the production of a great piece of art like that would be a dream for her.


In journalism, Ruby hopes she can expand her knowledge on accurate newstelling and deliver new and exciting stories. She wants to touch on more controversial or less talked about issues in the opinion content area and bring light to them, all while learning more about the East High community. She really looks forward to working together with the rest of the journalism team in creating an excellent newspaper for this excellent school.

Ruby Bernier, Opinion Writer

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