The Leopard

Rosine Nibishaka
Rosine Nibishaka is a 14 year old girl, she lives in Utah and Attends East High School. She was born in Zambia raised by a single mother. Her mother had to leave her family behind at the age of 18 because of the Genocide that took place in Rwanda. Her mother brought Rosine and her 3 other siblings here for a better chance at education and to give them the opportunity to become something when they got older. When Rosine grows up she wants to become a lawyer for family and divorce because she believes that when family's spilt the child will always be her main focus and the child has to have a loving and secure place to live. She looks up to her mother because usually when parents spilt in Africa, they can just move on and leave their kids behind and her mother always tells her story's when she feels like Rosine is feeling ungrateful, she tells her about how she didn't decide to give up on her then and she won't give up on her now and continues to encourage her to always do what's right and make sure it's her best. Rosines main goal in life is to make her mother proud, her mother gave her so much and she will forever be thankful for that. Rosine enjoys writing about things that have an interest to her, if she could become an author and believe In herself as much as her mother does she would. She also wants a minor in journalism, because that's how she shares her life experiences. She also believes that writing a good story can and will always have a strong impact on someone. During her free time she likes to play volleyball, basketball and dance. In journalism she wants to write about opinion, She feels like it gives her the option to be able to write about anything that She wants. She also gets to express her feelings and it challenges her in many ways. At Granite She learned many skills from editing videos to filming and taking photos. It was challenging because it took so much work and she had to keep her grades up in order to be allowed to stay in the club but with a stable schedule she was able to keep up. If Rosine could choose anyone's footsteps to follow in her family, it would be her sister. Her sister has always been there for through everything , and she might not know it, but Rosine always her and learns things from here. Rosine doesn't really have a role model, though, because he sister always told her "everyone will end up disappointing you, no matter who they are, they'll be something that they do that you don't support or agree with" since then Rosine is very careful with who she chooses to let influence her. Another saying Rosine has started living up to is one her close friend told her, she said "If you have time to make mistakes, make sure you have time to fix them" She uses this saying in all the many different aspects in her life, whether if it has to do with school, friends, family or anything. For example if she doesn't take time to do her homework correctly she better have time to fix those mistakes she made. She's not saying she's perfect because everyone messes up once in a while but she's saying she try's as much as possible to not make mistakes. Rosine has had some hard times in her life, her not being able to have both parents in her life growing up was hard for her not only physically but emotionally too. With her mother by her side she is destined to have a bright future and she can't wait to see the many things that she can do in journalism.

Rosine Nibishaka, Opinion Writer

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