The Leopard

Nick Session
Nick Session was born December 17th ,2001 in California at West Keizer Hospital.He was a fat little chunky chocolate baby.Nick was a very active baby walking at 7 months. When Nick was a baby he walked before he crawled.He has a family of 5.His Mom Nikki Clark-Session ,his Dad Tramale Session,his younger sister Melanie 13 yrs old and his other younger sister Zoe Session 8 yrs old and of course him.When he grew up to about 5 years old he started playing football and from then on he played football.He played running back and defensive of back.He was very good at both of them but pursued on to just playing defensive back.At 7 yrs old he lost his Great Grandmother and he was sad but he didn't let that affect him.Then at 10 yrs old his Uncle passed away and that devastated him.Still hurts him today.His uncle was like a father figure to him and when he lost him a piece of him left with his uncle.He was always at Nick's games then he'll come over afterwards and him and Dad,Cousin,and Uncle played games together.It really hurt Nick.Later on at the age of 10 Nick got sick with pneumonia and he couldn't do any activities for a long time.Nick got better and got back on his feet and was back to doing all of his activities .Later on in his life he became a model.He modeled in target,Burlington,and a couple other things.His dad gave him a nickname Hollywood for his modeling career and it went around the town.Then again later on in life he lost a brother figure named Frank Murphy.Frank was very special to him much like his uncle it still hurts him today.He wears the number 14 in honor of his be loved friend.He will never forget his Uncle or Brother.They will always be in his heart and his guardian angels.At 13 he moved from California to Utah because his dads job transferred him there.He didn't really like Utah at first then he met a couple people and they became friends and it started to work out for him.He went to Bingham when he first got to Utah then transferred to East High school in Salt Lake City.He likes it more then Bingham because East reminds him of home.Nick is excited for the rest of the school year in journalism and is looking forward to the rest of the football season as well.

Nick Session, Opinion Writer

Nov 02, 2017
The Awakening of Colin Kaepernick (Story)
The Student Newspaper of East High School