The Leopard

Mia Girardi

On August 27th, Mia Girardi was welcomed into her home by her mom, dad, her older sister, and two rambunctious Labradors. She immediately had a love for animals, which has continued throughout her life. When she is not studying for school, she likes to spend time with her friends and family, read, and write. Her love of writing has brought her to her first year in journalism.

Mia enjoys traveling with her family, which is something that she has loved ever since she was little. Her favorite place to travel to is Croatia, where her dad was born, and visit her relatives with her parents as well as her three sisters.

Mia is passionate about the outdoors and loves to hike, camp and run. Every fall, Mia waits patiently for the snow to fall so she can put her coat, boots, and skis on for a day up on the mountain.

Mia Girardi, Hard News Writer

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