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Meya Smith
Meya Smith is the Editor-In-Chief for the second year in a row. She is in her third year or journalism and is in her junior year. She loves to read and write. Meya’s favorite book of poems is Milk and Honey by Rapi Kaur, however her favorite book as of now is the Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. She feels it is important to give voice to important issues, which is why she has joined the class. She was born and raised in Salt Lake, Utah. She has traveled to New York City, Las Angeles, and Philadelphia. She would like to travel to Jamaica because she enjoys tropical weather.

Meya dreams of attending Westminster College and eventually becoming an English teacher for high school level, perhaps even teaching at East high! She feels that teachers help to shape the future of the world and in some cases can create a very beneficial relationship with students to help guide them through life. Over the summer, Meya participated in a media boot camp, along with fellow journalists Kristi and Kayla, where she was able to learn more about journalistic integrity and skills.

Meya has two brothers and is the youngest and only girl. She now lives in Poplar Grove. Her favorite color is emerald green and yellow. She owns two pets-- a cat and a dog. Her dog’s name is Dallas while her cat’s name is Snickers. Meya attended Glendale Middle school where she first joined AVID, a college preparation class. She has big goals for herself.

Meya’s middle name is Deity which means goddess. She is Japanese, Salvadorian, and Caucasian. Meya’s favorite subjects are math and English. She is excited for the year to come and acknowledges the uniqueness of this year’s new journalists.

Meya Smith, Editor in Chief

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