The Leopard

Mason Thomas

Mason Thomas was born in Miami, Florida in 2001. He lived there for 9 years then moved here when he was at the age of 8. Although  he moved from Florida he still visits there every year. Mason is a Junior at East high school, and will be graduating in 2019. He loves East especially their athletics department. His favorite subject is math because math comes easily to him. His least favorite school subject is Financial Lit because he does not find that class that interesting. In his free time he enjoys to go play basketball with his friends. He is currently on a basketball team with all of them. Not only does he like to play but he also loves to watch it as well. When watching college he roots for the Utah Utes, although when watching NBA he roots for the Utah Jazz and Miami Heat. Mason loves all sports besides soccer and golf. His top sport to watch is Football. His favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. His favorite College Football team is the Miami Hurricanes. After graduating high school he would like to go on a mission for the two years. After returning from the mission he wants to stay in state and hopefully attend the University of Utah.  

Mason Thomas, Sports Editor

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