The Leopard

Kesha Palmer

On April 16th, 2003 in Washington, Seattle, Kesha Palmer was born. Now she is 15 attending East High for her sophomore year. She isn’t into many sports, but she is still in orchestra and plays the viola. Although Utah isn’t her favorite place, she still manages to have a good time. Her favorite place in the world is California, where some family members live. For enjoyment she surrounds herself with friends and family.

She doesn’t work anywhere; her daily life consists school, food, and sleep. Her biggest fear is losing her family and, of course, spiders. You can always hear her saying, “that’s trash” or “wanoooo” which is her way of saying she doesn’t want to. One of her biggest parts of her life are her friends because they are supportive of her and her decisions. Currently her favorite class is journalism because it has helped her writing and has helped increase her vocabulary. Her family has gone through many complications, but she still loves them to death. She loves going to her brother’s apartment and seeing her nephew along with her sister-in-law. 

She aspires to still expand her vocabulary and help others with similar goals. Kesha wants to further her education by attending UCLA after graduating from East High. She is continuing in journalism for her love of writing and interviewing her peers. Her anxiety has been a struggle for many years however she has been able to conquer it, allowing her to talk more openly in groups. After her freshman year mistakes she has made sure her new schedule is perfectly balanced to her liking. She feels as if she knows what to expect for her sophomore year. After passing her freshman year she is proud to say that she has gained confidence in not only herself, but as well as in her work. Kesha is proud to say that she will be graduating in the year of 2021.

Kesha Palmer, Opinion Writer

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