The Leopard

Kesha Palmer
On April 16th, 2003 in Washington, Seattle Kesha Palmer was born. Now she is 14 and is attending East High. She isn’t in many sports, but she is in orchestra and plays the viola. Although Utah isn’t her favorite place she still has a good time. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She doesn’t work anywhere, her daily life consists of school, food, and sleep. Her biggest fear is losing her family and of course spiders. Her favorite sayings are, “That’s trash” and “That’s garbage”. Her friends are a big part in her life because she spends multiple hours a day with them because they are forced to be at school. Her favorite class is orchestra because she gets to experience new things. Her favorite place in the world is California, where some family members live. Her mom and dad are very supportive of her and her choices and will always be there for her. She loves to torture her little step brother and do his makeup. She aspires to become a better writer and learn how to write clearly. She wants to move to California to attend UCLA for a better chance at her future. Currently Kesha is taking beginning journalism to perfect her writing and to be a part of something in high school. She is a socialite and loves making new friends and welcoming them in their friend group. So far this year she has added a ton new people into their group of friends. Her first year in high school so far is going really well and hopes to keep it up for the next three years. Maybe next year she won’t take all honor classes and do a little bit better. Until then she will try her absolute hardest to complete this year with good grades. She is excited to graduate in 2021 with her friends that she has known since 2015 and some of her new great friends. Last, but not least she is happy to experience some good and bad things and to learn from those experiences and continue with her life.

Kesha Palmer, News Writer

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