The Leopard

Kayla Lien
The lights turn on, cameras focus on a blinking, dazed and tired girl. She coughs, for no reason but to clear the air. “Kayla Lien is a 16-year-old Junior, and is the Opinions and Editorials Editor along with the Student Life Editor for the 2018-19 school year,” The girl turns away from the camera, looking into the one adjacent, “This is her third year in journalism at East, but she took the class throughout middle school as well. Kayla is extremely excited for this year’s editions, and excited to delve deeper into the issues that plague this nation and the students of East High. She wants to give a voice to the student body, and hopes that she is able to accomplish that this year.

“Equality is something that Kayla is dedicated to defending, and she refuses to take no for an answer. Kayla’s hobbies include sewing and writing. While she loves to write, there really is nothing Kayla despises more on this Earth than writing bios. It’s insane, really. All her animosity towards the President of this country cannot hold a candle to her absolute hatred for biographies.” She clears her throat again, chuckling nervously.

“Other than her loud and widespread disgust for writing biographies, Kayla is relatively laid back. Well, that isn’t quite true. She’s extremely political and vocal about the things she cares about. Nothing can stop her from arguing about pretty much anything.” The girl licks her lips. “Her favorite pokemon is Vulpix, and her choice of poison is Capri-Sun or Chick-Fil-A’s sweet tea.” The girl turns back to the original camera and smiles anxiously. “Kayla’s entire family hates her music taste -- even though it has changed over the years. They hate it, regardless, and won’t ever give her the aux cord. Even her friends dislike her music choices, but at least they put up with it.” The girl gulps, “Her family consists of her mom and two brothers and a seriously psychotic German Shepherd that she pampers. Her and her brothers are half-Caucasian and half-Chinese, and everyone calls her “the whitest Asian,” due to the fact that she’s lighter than her whole family, including her Irish mother, can’t speak any language but English and a little French and dislikes most Chinese food.

“Yet, Kayla is happy with the person she is and is proud of her identity. She’s thrilled to say exactly and be exactly what she wants. Thank you.” The girl walks off the stage but the lights stay on.

Kayla Lien, Opinion Editor and Student Life Editor

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