The Leopard

Kayla Lien
Kayla Lien is a 15-year-old sophomore, (hopefully) graduating with the class of 2020. The 2017-18 school year is her second year in journalism at East High, and she is the Opinions and Editorials content area editor. Her sixth-grade teacher told her parents that she was very opinionated and she has never stopped being so. She is a big fan of sweatshirts, ramen noodle, and her German Shepard (and happens to be very vocal about this). She dislikes people, Donald Trump, and writing bios (and is vocal about these things as well). Kayla’s one talent in life is breathing, which is unfortunate since she has asthma. She happens to have two brothers who eat all of the food in the house, leaving only cracker crumbs and pencil shavings to live off of. Thus, her diet consists of stolen fruit snacks, ice cream, and whatever chocolate she can glean. Kayla is always DTF: down to fight. Whether it’s about politics or over vegetables, you can count on her complaints. Her personality can quickly be summed up in the old “*breathes in* boi” meme. Her ultimate goal in life is to be a stowaway in a library that steals unsuspecting patrons’ food and sleeps on the couches. If her mom asks, though, Kayla’s dream is to go to New York University and build a career as a freelance writer. Don’t throw her under the bus here. You can always find her hiding from responsibilities, blasting Hamilton and screaming singing the lyrics, or crouching outside your bedroom window at 2 A.M with a high-power stethoscope and a voice recorder. Don’t worry; just try to talk louder when you’re on the phone with your best friend though you should be sleeping. Maybe even read your texts out loud! It’ll be easier for everyone involved.

Kayla Lien, Opinion Editor

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