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Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson is in her first year of highschool. She is from Utah and born in Salt Lake City. Her favorite sport is wrestling. She enjoys wresling because she believes its a noble like sport. She was born on December 8, 2003. Her best friend in the whole wide world is Hannah Grine because she super funny and chill. Kaitlyn is interested in journalism because she gets to express herself. She believes that writing or reading is the best way to pass some free time. Kaitlyn has 10 siblings that she enjoys hanging out with. If she could spend her time doing anything it would be playing video games. Kaitlyn took journalism because she get to meet new people and hear what they have to say. She also like took the class because she wants to improve her writing skills, and make them better so that people will enjoy her writing. In her far but near future kaitlyn wants to be a person of power, but also wants to write books and poems. She would also like to write books in every type of subject. She is currently writing a book, but its taking her ages to edit and fix it. She wants to write in the sports section or student section because she loves sports but is bad at them. She would really love to write about student subjects because she believes everyone should get to speak and to be heard. There are thing that she believed should be addressed and also things. Her favorite quote is “ Be a girl with a mind, A woman with attitude, and a lady with class”.(Maria A.) She likes this quote because it was perfectly stated. If kaitlyn would go anywhere she would want to go to China. She says that she would want to learn about what they do and how they live. She would also like to become fluent at the Language. Kaitlyn is a loser :)

Kaitlyn Johnson, Sports Writer

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