The Leopard

Izzy Torres is a senior at East High and currently taking his first year of journalism. He has lived

his whole life in Salt Lake, and mostly has enjoyed it due to all the nice people he has met

throughout the years. He likes to travel to nice places and to experience different cultures. His

family is made up of his sister, mom, and dad. His parents moved to Salt Lake about twenty

years ago and plan on staying here. Recently he has adopted a kitten named Luna who he can’t

stop talking about. He likes to watch movies and play video games on his off time. His favorite

video game series has to be Pokemon. His favorite pokemon is ninetails (preferably the alolan

form). His favorite movie of all time is “The Fault In Our Stars” and doesn’t care what other

people think. If he could choose one series to binge watch he would probably choose Adventure

Time. His taste in music is very diverse. One day he could be listening to rap and then the next

day it would be rock. When he goes out to eat he can’t decide what to choose because he is

very picky with his food. He is in love with coffee though, he probably is the only person who

can get a full eight hours of sleep after drinking three cups of coffee.

Izzy Torres, Writer

Oct 11, 2019
Fortnite’s Growing E-Sports Industry (Story)
The Student Newspaper of East High School