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Ian Mathis
Ian is a freshmen at east. He enjoys writing and researching things he has an opinion on and or strongly towards. These topics may include politics, world events, local events, and sports. He also enjoys playing many sports such as football, rugby and wrestling. He also likes to do Spartan races which are a type of obstacle course that vary in length from 3-15 miles. Ian also enjoys going on hikes with his dog and hang out with friends. Ian loves the anything outdoors. Such as hiking, biking, camping, running, etc. Ian also enjoys anything that has to do with fitness. This could be many different things such as body building, obstacle course racing (OCR), aesthetics, or anything to make someone bigger, faster, and stronger. An interesting thing about Ian is that he is an only child. Ian may not have any siblings but his dog makes up for it. Ian was born in Salt Lake and has lived here his whole life. This summer Ian ran a half marathon, 2 Spartan races, and hung out with family and friends. Ian loves to travel and would like to visit every continent. His favorite places he’s been to are Hawaii, Mexico and Ireland.

Ian Mathis, News Writer

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