The Leopard

Evan Madsen
Evan Sondergaard Madsen is an eleventh grader at East High School. He plays lacrosse on the varsity lacrosse team. In his spare time he enjoys Table Tennis, basketball, and hanging out with his friends. In his family he has one sister and one brother. His brother is a freshmen and West High School. His sister goes to Bonneville Elementary. He lives in his parents basement near East High School. When he was ten years of age he and his family drove down to Spanish Fork to get a new puppy. That puppy is now named Mocha and is seven years old. Evan is known for his friendly attitude and his crazy party side. During the weekends Evan is a cool dude and goes with the flow. On Sundays Evan is a righteous guy and having a good time at church. On the weekdays Evan is a studious student and learns a lot during school and after school. After graduating East High School Evan is planning on attending colleges like Utah, Oregon, Florida University, and many other colleges. After getting his degree he plans on getting that money as much as he can and any way he can. After college Evan is also considering joining the United States Marine Corps to serve his country the United States of America. On Evans many journeys across America and the rest of the world he has seen places like The wild jungles of Mexico, The vast mountains of California, Oregon, and Montana. He has also conquered the dangerous jagged mountains and jungles of Taiwan on a motorcycle trip. In Evans extended family he has near one hundred cousins on both sides. One main reason for all of this family is on my mom’s side my grandma had 13 kids including my mom. In Evans personal life he hangs out with his friends who call themselves “The Boyz” this group includes Evan Madsen, Mason Thomas, Cayden Young, Issac Behunin, Bryce Hurlbert, Dalton Hoopes, and Noah Hamula. Evan considers Mason Thomas and Noah Hamula his best friends though. Putting this all together Evan Madsen is a great guy to know in the future and the present, being his friend will set you up to be part of the life in no time.

Evan Madsen, Sports Writer

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