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Eric Mason
Eric Mason was born August 13,2003 in Brawley, CA. He lives with his Aunt and Uncle and just moved here from California. Eric goes to East high school in Salt Lake City Utah and is on the East football team. His positions are offensive and defensive line and sometimes middle linebacker. When he lived in California his favorite sport was baseball. He played baseball since he was 6 years old and was really good at it. He also enjoyed other sports like football and basket ball but never played them. When he moved to Utah he wanted to try new things so he so he plays football and is really liking it. Since he just moved to Utah he is still transitioning to a house and is living in a condo right now. His favorite sport is Baseball but it's not in season yet so he is doing football as cross training. His favorite food is pepperoni pizza or pasta. His favorite movie is Dead pool or Guardians of the galaxy. He saw Dead pool with his mom and they both thought it was hilarious. He went to watch Guardians of the galaxy with his dad and both really liked the movie. He has 3 younger brothers and 1 younger sister. In total he has 4 siblings, Michael (7 yrs), Sophie (4), Elijah (3), and a young brother who isn't born yet. His parents are Eric and Natalie. They are separated and he doesn't live with either of his parents. His favorite class at East High is either Intro to design or Geography for life. In Intro to design he works on different types of shading and colors and how to Photoshop and other things. In Geography for life he learns about the earth and maps and how we view the world. In 8th grade he took avid and since then he really liked it. He is planning on taking it throughout all 4 years of high school. He thinks this is a good Idea because it will help him in the long run with getting into college and being able to play sports.

Eric Mason, Sports Writer

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