The Leopard

Casey Hansen
Casey Hansen, was born March.26 2002 and he has lived in Utah his whole life. he has always had an interest in dinosaurs and the sea. His dream job would be to study ancient sea dwelling organisms. his favorite school subject is science ever since he was first able to be taught science was his favorite subject. When he was young his family had a very strong feeling for sports mainly football and basketball, they went to every game they had a chance to go to, they would save up for weeks trying just to get tickets for the next game. his family never had a problem with money until they feel into bankruptcy but they have been able to overcome that and they will be out of it the third week of September. his parents were very close most of their marriage until his second year of middle school when they got a divorce, middle school was hard for him after that but they are still really good friends but they decided that they could keep on their marriage. After that he was in high school and he was very nervous but after the first month it was fine he got good grades made some friends and everything up until now has been good and he is excited to go on with the rest of his life. Before his life is over he wants to do 5 things kind of like a bucket list. One is he wants to swim in open water with a blue whale, two is he wants to ride an elephant, three is he wants to find a dinosaur bone and figure out what species it is, 4 is he wants to go to Australia and find the 5 most dangerous animals on the continent, 5 would be to have his own documentary about dinosaurs. That is really everything important in his life and about me. This has been his life up till this point.

Casey Hansen, News Writer

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