The Leopard

Ayla Mayo
Ayla Mayo is currently fourteen and a freshman at East High. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She was born in Millcreek and raised in murray and midvale Utah. She recently just moved up around East this year and thinks it's not that bad though she misses Midvale. Ayla's birthday is on December 12. Some things Ayla likes are: music, walking, going around downtown, writing and hanging out with people. She doesn't have many goals in life for her future besides having fun and chilling. Yet, does her best to get by in life with the opportunities she gets. Some cool facts about her are: she lives life on the edge and takes challenges as advantages in the real world. During school, though, she is kind of scared to challenge herself but it gets easier to cope with something the more you do it so she will do as she is asked but will not promise it will be at complete perfection. At hard times she tries not to give up but everyone does at one point in life. And after 14 years of life, she has learned a lot about how the world works and how or why people react the way they do based on how you present yourself. She has learned not to care what others think about what you put on or inside of your body because within the next 2-3 years you won't know them. Ayla is also a very adventurous person she has been to places such as Ireland, Scotland, London and many more. Once you get to know her, she really opens up and starts acting herself after a bit, that's why moving all over isn't really good for her but traveling somewhere with some friends is a dream come true!

Ayla Mayo, News Writer

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