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Amber Hawkes
Amber Hawkes is a sophomore at East High, she was born in Salt Lake City in 2003. In 2013 she moved to the San Francisco Bay, in northern California and lived there from 4th grade until 9th grade. She loves architecture, hiking, soccer, cooking, skateboarding, basketball, and watching performing arts. She also has an interest in Greek and Roman mythology, and history. She also likes to learn about world languages are cultures. She has a large family with 7 siblings in which 5 of them are her brothers and 2 of them are her sisters, she is the second oldest. She has a split family with both her sisters on her dad’s side and all her brothers on her mom's side. Many of her siblings are step and half siblings. Amber likes photography as well as journalism and hopes to be able to be either a photographer or a journalist. She plays the flute and the saxophone. Amber loves Astronomy and all things that have to do with outer space. Her favorite class is Chemistry. She enjoys archery and paintball and does this in her spare time. Her dream is to visit Greece with her sister and be able to take her sister to France. She hopes to finish her schooling anywhere in Europe but would prefer to finish school in Greece. One of her favorite memories is going to Washington D.C. and Virginia with her friends during the last week of 8th grade. She loves that memory because she got to have an adventure and do fun things with her close friends and a few teachers which made the experience more interesting. She enjoys playing with her younger brothers and watch The Flash with them. She also enjoys helping her sister with her makeup and homework. Amber loves to play with her dogs which are two Shitzus, a Black Lab, and a German Shepherd Doberman. She loves to take them on walks and take them out to Bear Lake to swim. She likes to read comic books especially Batman comics. She would like to graduate from college with a master's degree.

Amber Hawkes, News Writer

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