The Leopard

Amber Hawkes
Amber Hawkes is a Junior at East High School. She was born in Salt Lake and moved to

the San Francisco Bay, in northern California for a few years. She loves to go hiking with her

friends or play with her baby brother. She has an interest in Greek and Roman mythology, and

history. She is the oldest of 9, many of her siblings are step and half siblings. Amber likes

photography as well as journalism and hopes to be able to be either a photographer or a

journalist. She plays the flute and the saxophone. Amber loves Astronomy and all things that

have to do with NASA. Her favorite classes are Psychology and TTT. She enjoys archery,

paintballing, and skating in her spare time. Her dream is to visit Greece with her sister and be

able to take her sister to France. She hopes to finish her schooling in California but would love to

finish school in Greece. One of her favorite memories is going hiking with all her friends and

looking down at the Valley. She loves that memory because she got to have an adventure and do

fun things with her close friends. She enjoys playing with her younger brothers taking them to

soccer practice. She also enjoys going for a drive with her sister. Amber loves dogs and enjoys

taking her dogs to the park or for a long walk. She likes to read comic books, especially D.C.

comics. She would like to graduate from college with a PhD in Psychology.

Amber Hawkes, News Editor

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