The Leopard

2017-2018 Staff

Meya Smith

Editor in Chief

Meya Smith is the Editor-In-Chief for the second year in a row. She is in her third year or journalism and is in her junior year. She loves to read and write. Meya’s favorite book of poems is Milk and Honey by Rapi Kaur, however...

Htoo Htoo

Student Life Writer

Htoo Htoo is in her second year of Journalism at East High School and she is a writer for Students Life. She was born in Burma, however she was raised in Thailand. Her parents came to America looking for a better life with education...

Ayla Mayo

News Writer

Ayla Mayo is currently fourteen and a freshman at East High. She enjoys hanging out with friends and family. She was born in Millcreek and raised in murray and midvale Utah. She recently just moved up around East this year and...

Kesha Palmer

News Writer

On April 16th, 2003 in Washington, Seattle Kesha Palmer was born. Now she is 14 and is attending East High. She isn’t in many sports, but she is in orchestra and plays the viola. Although Utah isn’t her favorite place she...

Caitlin Donohoe

News Writer

Amber Hawkes

News Writer

Amber Jade Hawkes is 14, she was born in Salt Lake City in 2003. She goes to East High as a freshman in 2017/2018. She moved to the San Francisco Bay, in northern California and lived there from 4th grade until 9th grade. She...

Ian Mathis

News Writer

Ian is a freshmen at east. He enjoys writing and researching things he has an opinion on and or strongly towards. These topics may include politics, world events, local events, and sports. He also enjoys playing many sports such...

Casey Hansen

News Writer

Casey Hansen, was born March.26 2002 and he has lived in Utah his whole life. he has always had an interest in dinosaurs and the sea. His dream job would be to study ancient sea dwelling organisms. his favorite school subject...

Kristi Harris

News Editor

Kristi Harris came into the world with a bang on June 11, 2000. This day was supposed to be her brother Sterling’s special day because he was getting awarded in scouts. That’s not how that day went though. Kristi’s mother,...

Precious Montoya

Opinion Writer

Rosine Nibishaka

Opinion Writer

Rosine Nibishaka is a 14 year old girl, she lives in Utah and Attends East High School. She was born in Zambia raised by a single mother. Her mother had to leave her family behind at the age of 18 because of the Genocide that...

Aliya Lewis

Opinion Writer

Aliya Lewis is a fifteen-year-old sophomore and a member of the graduating class of 2020. She is originally from California. This is Aliya’s second year in journalism and she is currently writing for the Opinion content area...

Nick Session

Opinion Writer

Nick Session was born December 17th ,2001 in California at West Keizer Hospital.He was a fat little chunky chocolate baby.Nick was a very active baby walking at 7 months. When Nick was a baby he walked before he crawled.He has...

Kayla Lien

Opinion Editor

Kayla Lien is a 15-year-old sophomore, (hopefully) graduating with the class of 2020. The 2017-18 school year is her second year in journalism at East High, and she is the Opinions and Editorials content area editor. Her sixth-grade...

Evan Madsen

Sports Writer

Evan Sondergaard Madsen is an eleventh grader at East High School. He plays lacrosse on the varsity lacrosse team. In his spare time he enjoys Table Tennis, basketball, and hanging out with his friends. In his family he has one...

Noah Hamula

Sports Writer

Noah is a junior at East high. He plays varsity lacrosse and enjoys other sports like basketball and football. He enjoys the outdoors because it makes him feel at peace. Something he likes to do in the outdoors include mountain...

Eric Mason

Sports Writer

Eric Mason was born August 13,2003 in Brawley, CA. He lives with his Aunt and Uncle and just moved here from California. Eric goes to East high school in Salt Lake City Utah and is on the East football team. His positions are...

Sam Skurnik

Sports Writer

Sam Skurnik was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He lived there for about three months before moving to Toronto, Canada. At the age of six, he moved to Charlottesville, Virginia. In the summer of 2011 he moved to Salt Lake City. His...

Mason Thomas

Sports Editor

Mason Thomas was born in Miami, Florida in 2001. He lived there for 9 years then moved here when he was at the age of 8. Although  he moved from Florida he still visits there every year. Mason is a Junior at East high school, ...

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