Trends Repeating Throughout the Decades


Breanna Moore, Writer

For about the last three years we have been hearing about things coming back in fashion, like mom jeans, scrunchies, crop tops, colorful and clashing clothes- but what if it is a lot deeper than what we think? What if it’s not just fashion, but historic trends too.

The biggest noticeable thing is fashion. Over the past 3 years it has been very apparent especially with clothing predominantly from the 80s or 90s. “ She proposed that, before movie stars introduced the trends, it was royalty and the nobility. This is a concept called loans-cash.nettrickle down theory, originally created by Thorstein Veblen in 1899. Trickle down theory states that lower classes will try and mimic the wealthy and influential by adapting their styles. These styles are originally introduced at higher prices than the masses can afford and with time become available to the general public”- weather it being intentional or not, it happens and it works. It does only work but it causes a sense of nostalgia and ends in a ripple effect. If we start catching on to these trends we can use them to our benefit.  

Another very relevant to all of us right now is pandemics of course. “There have been numerous pandemics and plagues in human history, such as the great plague of London in 1965, and the Swine Flu in 2009. However, there have been similar global pandemics and plagues, such as COVID-19, that have occurred approximately every 100 years. This connection is eerie and leaves many wondering how an event such as a pandemic can strike so consistently.”- This is important to notice because maybe in the future we can handle it differently and prepare ourselves accordingly.

When you think about “trends”, you typically think about clothes, makeup, and music style, which of course has a major influence on regular people because of the impact of pop culture. An example of this is when in the late 80’s and into the 90’s rap music was very popular and helped African Americans have a voice to express their struggles through their music, The parallel to this is today is artists like Childish Gambino or Lizzo who express through their music that we need to start recognizing these struggles once again because they are still present in today’s society. Along with this are the BLM protests this last summer compared to the civil rights protests in the 60’s. Pop culture is not just about music or what’s popular; if you look at these patterns, pop culture helps people find their identity. 

Another trend most people might just glaze over is political ideologies. Over the decades, younger generations have been becoming more liberated and speaking up for what they believe in. Similar to the protest on the Vietnam war, we have seen more young people voting in the past elections. Even with those who can’t vote, you can still see their impact everywhere such as Instagram stories, volunteer groups, petitions and protests. Two people to look at for this is John Muir who worked with Teddy Roosevelt and Greta Thunberg from more recent times.

Why do I think this keeps happening and we keep experiencing the same trends over and over? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe each generation after the other feels the one before them did not do enough to make change, so it boils down to them having to shoot for the stars.  However, I argue that it doesn’t have to be like that. Perhaps it is just the blissful ignorance of past generations, and I in no way intend to offend by that. Past generations might not have even thought about things we are talking about today. We need to actually start listening and addressing the unspoken to fix these patterns that keep recurring in society. Of course some people might argue that things are unspoken for a reason, but I believe ignoring problems won’t fix them. We need action. We need to talk about racial and gender roles, poverty, daily struggles, mental health, and most importantly, we need to listen of course just listening to each other and most importantly making an attempt  to understand.