Finding & Learning of Opportunities in Unknown Situations


Joyce Young, Writer

High school season for volleyball was definitely an experience. As it is my last year in high school this was probably the most significant season of my high school career. Starting off the season wasn’t the best because of COVID and it put a lot of restrictions on what we could or couldn’t do. A month of season was lost due to several people having COVID, which was the worst since I couldn’t play. With COVID’s situation as an athlete, I needed to realize that we aren’t promised opportunities to play. For those that are athletes, most of our time & lives revolve around the sport we’re playing. It’s a part of who we are and our passion to play with whatever opportunities and time we have This pandemic took a lot from everyone, but to have that taken away in the blink of an eye really makes you that much more thankful for it. At the beginning of this year we athletes were unsure if we were going to get a school season. Then we all came together to fight for a season and got one because we all came together. Situations like these helped us to build even more comradery. 

This was also the year where I had to step up and help lead this team as an upperclassman. I think I could’ve done a better job at being more affirmative with the girls, but I made a lot of friends that really made an impact on me, and learned a lot from the younger girls. I just wish that this year, we would have had a better record. We had more losses than wins. Maybe if we had built just a bit more chemistry together, or did better as an upperclassman, or had a bit more guidance from outside of the court. A lot more could’ve happened, but with the time we had, it also built a lot more friendships and learning experiences. However, I think this was a great learning experience to help the other upperclassman girls and I to learn how to step up and be there for others, and be like an older sister to them. 

Other than not having the best record, I would say that this season I was very fortunate to have a volleyball season, because I know a lot of other places in the US didn’t have such an opportunity. I was playing volleyball and that was the only thing that mattered to me. It really shows just how fragile opportunities like participating in school sports are. The last thing I ever thought would happen, would be a pandemic, and it happening senior year really changed everything.

In a way this pandemic has helped me become and grow into someone that I’ve always wanted to be and I’m still working towards it. Without the pandemic, I think I would’ve stayed the same person I’ve always been and not grow into someone I’m meant to become. 

 My goal is to keep playing volleyball for as long as I can, and I can excitedly say I am. I’m continuing my volleyball journey to college and I never thought I’d be able to. I was very close to closing this part of my life. I felt that nothing was going right since I didn’t have the chance to play, and felt very unconfident about my abilities as an athlete. But the opportunity came for me to play, and I just knew I had to take it. I’m so happy that I’m continuing this part of my life, something that I was so sure I was done with, but I’m thankful for everything working out for me, and the amazing people who helped me to this point. MSJC is the college that I’ll soon be attending in the Fall, leaving Utah for California. I’m looking forward to this new section of my life and doing something completely out of my comfort zone and leaving home behind.

My favorite game this season was the second time we played Hillcrest in region play. That game was the most memorable to me because we won and it was also a long game. The first time we played them it was a 3 set game and the second time we played them it was 5 sets. It was their senior night and our team really gelled together that night. It was a long game going back and forth between us, and in the end we took the dub. We also as a team did really well and our best efforts really counted that night. Everyone was giving it their all and it was just a great experience to be a part of. I think games like that made us realize that we were capable of accomplishing a lot as a team. We just needed to figure it out sooner or have the right support system. That game I’ll just remember as the game where everyone did their job and we got the result that we worked so hard for and it showed.